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Satellite Internet & TV Providers in My Area is an online Satellite Internet Providers directory to find Satellite Internet service providers available in your area. Compare Satellite Internet Provider's connection speed, features, price, special offers to find best local Satellite ISP that fit your budget and need.

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What is Satellite Internet?

Satellite broadband can be the best option to get internet access in rural area. Satellite Internet service covers areas where DSL and cable access is unavailable. Satellite broadband is linked to a dish network subscriber service and provides speeds similar to other broadband technologies.

The Internet feed is beamed from satellite to a dish installed at the subscriber's home. Satellite broadband can deliver speeds of 2 megabits per second (mbps) downstream, and 1 mbps upstream. Satellite Internet services utilize telecommunications satellites in Earth orbit to provide Internet access to consumers. Satellite Internet access is Internet access provided through satellites.

Satellite broadband internet websites load many times faster than dial-up. Similar to satellite TV, satellite internet offers you a high-speed internet connection without the need for a phone line or hard-wired cable. Satellite internet is available to virtually every home and small business across the contiguous U.S.

Instantly go to where you want to go on the Internet. No need to reconnect every time you want to surf the web or check your e-mail!

How to setup Satellite Internet?

Installation technician will connect your computer to a satellite modem which is linked to a satellite dish. The dish will be mounted on the roof of your home. Information will be sent and received through the satellite dish and processed by the modem to give you the fastest and most reliable high speed internet

Satellite Internet Providers

starting at
up to
10 Mbps
  • 10Mbps - 10GB - $39.99/mo
  • 15Mbps - 50GB - $69.99/mo
starting at
up to
10 GB
  • 10Mbps - 60GB - $59.99/mo
  • 10Mbps - 65GB - $79.99/mo
  • 15Mbps - 70GB - $129.99/mo
starting at
up to
10 GB
  • 12Mbps - 10GB - $59.99/mo
  • 12Mbps - 18GB - $99.99/mo
  • 12Mbps - 30GB - $149.99/mo

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